Office Hemorrhoidal Banding - Super quick, No Pain!

Dr. Adi Malhotra is offering in-office hemorrhoidal banding for bleeding or prolapsing hemorrhoids. The procedure is performed with a CRH O Regan system. Most patients require initialy evaluation with the colonoscopy to rule out polyps, cancer or colitis before hemorrhoidal banding. 

The banding involves the following steps :

1. Make an appointment and walk in for banding. No preparation needed. You will sign a cosent form and taken back to the examination room 

2. Dr. Adi Malhotra would explain you the procedure. In short a small marker pen like device is inserted in to the rectum with lubriation. It is Pain Free. Then the hemorrhoids are suctioned, and a rubber band slipped over the hemorrhoid making sure that you are pain free. The procedure takes between 30 seconds to a minute. 

3. You walk off the clinic with no pain. You will return in 2 weeks internal twice from the first procedure for banding of the other hemorrhoids since the hemorrhoids exist as a complex of 3 sets of vein arranged in a ciruclar manner around the anus. 

Read more and watch a short video here.

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