Your First Visit

To make your experience comfortable we are providing some information on your first visit. During this visit your doctor will ask you questions about your health, symptoms leading to the visit, and perform a physical examination. After the physical examination, the doctor will give you recommendations for treatment.

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Patient Procedure Cost

We always check with your insurance and obtain an authorization if required before the procedure. Insurance companies generally cover most of the the cost. Most policies have a deductible and a co-pay and your part of the costs depend on your coverage. Generally, the deductible is 20%. Many policies cover Screening Colonoscopy at 100% with no deductible. If a polyp is removed during the procedure you might have to pay a part of the costs.

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Billing and Insurance

All payments, including co-payments, are due at the time of your visit, unless specific arrangements have been made in advance. We will ask you to verify your current address and insurance information at the time of each visit.

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