Endoscopy Center

Bay Area Houston Endoscopy Center, an Ambulatory GI Surgical Center where we do our Outpatient Endoscopy, is located in the same building as our office at 1015 Medical center Blvd in Webster. It is a AAA and Medicare approved facility and was rated one of the top Ambulatory GI Centers in the country by the American Society of Gastroenterological Endoscopy (ASGE). It has state of the art equipment, a large waiting area and very hard working and pleasant staff who will make your experience a memorable one.


Gulf Coast Houston Endoscopy Center
Bay Area Houston Endoscopy Center Exam Room

:: Clear Lake Office

Coastal Gastroenterology Associates

1015 Medical Center Blvd
Suite 1400
Webster, TX 77598

Phone: (281) 557-2527

:: Texas City Office

Coastal Gastroenterology Associates

7111 Medical Center Drive
2nd Floor 
Texas City, TX 77591

(by appointment only)